Nutrition Reminder – Weight Loss 2.4.1

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Eat right and regularly! Plan your meals, remember about it, control your food and lose weight. Meal Reminder is a simple app to help you eat regularly.

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Remember that eating regularly (about 3 hours apart) has many benefits:

  • Accelerates the burning of fat in the body, which leads to weight loss or helps to maintain it
  • Helps control the amount of each meal and prevents overeating
  • Regular breaks between meals protect against a sudden drop in blood glucose levels and provide a feeling of satiety.

The Meal Reminder – Weight Loss app will help you follow this simple meal plan with the following features:

  • Individual meal times according to your needs
  • Fully customizable meal plan – customize as many meals per day as you need
  • An alarm clock that notifies you of your meal time.
  • Status of the current day to see if meals have been eaten or skipped
  • Editing past meals
  • Postponing meals if necessary
  • Reminder to drink water
  • Statistics
  • 10 Healthy Eating Tips
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Any comments are welcome. Let me know if there are any features you would like included in future versions of Nutrition Reminder – Weight Loss.

Thanks for downloading!

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