Nutritionist reacts to statements by Jorge Salinas and assures that they did kiss

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Yesterday, the actor Jorge Salinas faced the press to clarify what happened with his nutritionist Anna Paula Guerrero, with whom he was romantically linked. The actor denied on camera having a relationship beyond the professional, because he would never be unfaithful to his wife Elizabeth Álvarez.

Given what was said, Anna Paula gave an interview for the program joy come and, without any fear, he contradicted the actor’s words, unleashing a new controversy that puts Salinas’ image at risk.

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The 54-year-old actor spoke in front of dozens of cameras about his alleged infidelity, clarifying the deep love he has for his wife and children and denying having any kind of love relationship with his nutritionist.

I am a person who deeply loves his wife, deeply loves his family, and is sorry for all this media stuff. I have pure respect for my family, respect for myself and love for them.

I have not had and do not have an extramarital relationship, the relationship I had with the doctor has been solely and exclusively professional for a year and a half.

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However, the actor’s statements were contradicted by Anna Paula, who in an interview for joy come He told his side of the story.

As Mr. Jorge Salinas said, it would be better if the video was revealed to clarify the situation, since the images could clarify more precisely what had really happened the afternoon they were captured together by a paparazzi.

The media is new to me, I was alone to face this. There has not been any kind of communication, there is nothing more than a doctor-patient relationship. I don’t want to talk about it anymore, if yes, if not, if Mr. Salinas says no, let him stay that way.

Flor Rubio, a reporter for the television program, questioned Anna Paula about her previous statements, in which she stated that there was flirting and, later, a kiss.

In the end, the nutritionist confirmed that there was a kiss between the two, but she preferred to keep quiet considering that he is the public figure and both the actor and she will take responsibility for their actions. In addition, she clarified that the kiss in the photograph was the only thing they got to:

I was saying goodbye and that is why, after that occasion, we did not speak again (…) This went further than I imagined.

Source: Okchicas

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