Nuts File Manager 1.0.3

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Nuts File Manager Is a multifunctional file manager. Its use allows you to simplify the management and viewing of all kinds of files.

Nuts File Manager is capable of reading and displaying multiple files in any format. Files are quickly recognized and classified. Multifunctionality guarantees efficient and convenient file management. It supports popular standard operations (copy, move, share, rename, change view). With the app, you can clear cache faster and make your mobile device safer and faster. Boost and clean function will improve the performance of your smartphone.

Features of the Nuts File Manager app:

  • A wide range of functions and tools to improve the efficiency of your mobile device.
  • Quick search for files by keywords.
  • Conveniently categorize device content into categories.
  • Storage, convenient file cleaning.
  • Displays detailed information about the file.
  • Boost and clean to clean up storage, speed up and shutdown applications.
  • Recycle bin with the ability to recover deleted files.
  • Easily sort apps by installation time and frequency of use, and view information about apps.

Get real time updates directly on you device, subscribe now.

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