NUTSon – social network for challenges 1.19.0

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We challenge the routine and create a new reality in which short and creative videos instantly go viral and bring popularity to their creators. NUTSon offers new formats of interaction: challenges as a separate type of content, and also allows users to shoot familiar short videos with a variety of visual effects.

An extraordinary community of bloggers is waiting for your creative solutions to make the world brighter and more interesting.

Challenges. Become a trend maker with NUTSon: launch a viral challenge. It can be anything – athletic, creative, intellectual, helpful, charitable, personal. The main thing is to draw attention to it! Crazy Challenges are some of the most popular in NUTSon.

Why is NUTSon the best choice?

  • A professional video editor with a wide range of filters, transitions and effects is available for bloggers to process videos.
  • On the social network, you can not only watch videos, but also participate in challenges, flash mobs and other online events.
  • Here, participants quickly become popular without involving third-party services and additional promotion tools.

Interface. NUTSon has a simple and intuitive interface with all the functions you need at your fingertips. The control panel contains the following sections:

Main. Here you can see the latest videos from the best creators you follow. Choose what you like and enjoy interesting content.

Interesting. These are the most popular videos – bright, unusual and even extreme, which are selected based on your interests and likes. Here you will see: pranks over friends, comedy sketches, original experiments, tutorials and other engaging content.

Create your own video. Capture the best moments of your life and share them with your subscribers. Get likes, reposts, comments to become a popular blogger.

Challenge creation. Have a cool challenge idea? Describe it, come up with a name and set a time frame. Done, watch as hundreds of participants complete your tasks and compete for victorious likes!

Activity. Not a single event will remain without your attention. Record every like, because it is he who can become decisive on the way to promotion.

Get real time updates directly on you device, subscribe now.

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