Nvidia CMP 170HX mining device is on sale

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The most powerful mining chip of the Nvidia CMP 170HX series is now available to retail buyers. Reported by Tom’s Hardware.

The sales of the video card started in the Vipera online store in Dubai, where a batch of 230 devices arrived.

Data: Yahoo.

At the heart of the CMP 170HX is the GA100 GPU based on Ampere architecture, equipped with 4480 CUDA cores and 8GB HBM2e memory with 4096-bit memory interface. The adapter provides performance up to 164 MH / s when mining Ethereum cryptocurrency.

The mining processor comes with a locked vBIOS, because of which it is not subject to overclocking and other software modifications. The device cannot be used as a regular video card either, since it does not have a traditional display connector.

Power consumption of the CMP 170HX is 250W, which is lower than that of the flagship GeForce RTX 3090.

The adapter price is $ 4300. Before that, the device could only be bought at auction for more than $ 5200.

To meet the demand for GPUs from miners, Nvidia has released a line of five CMP (Cryptocurrency Mining Processor) chips. The performance of the youngest model in the series when mining Ethereum is 26 MH / s.

In September, the senior Nvidia CMP 170HX chip also successfully passed the Ethereum, Raven and Conflux mining test.

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