NVIDIA first asked to stop the production of the flagship graphics card. It’s all about the BIOS

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Despite the insane shortage of semiconductors, which hit the electronics market hard and not only, NVIDIA is quite actively releasing new video cards of the RTX 30 generation. Experts believe that this is directly related to the desire to squeeze all the juice out of the current generation, which will lose attractiveness immediately after the launch of RTX 40, but apparently the “green” company had some difficulties with this – the VideoCardz news outlet, citing its sources, reports that NVIDIA asked partner companies to suspend production of the flagship RTX 3090 Ti, as hardware and software problems were found in it .

It is worth recalling that initially the manufacturer officially announced the latest flagship RTX 3090 Ti video card at CES 2022 – the novelty was based on the GA102 GPU, and the release of the first models, according to insiders (the date was not officially announced), was to take place on January 27, 2022. But now, apparently, it will have to wait a little longer – at least until February. And, according to VideoCardz, third-party video card manufacturers confirmed information about problems in the BIOS and hardware, although they did not comment on exactly what flaws were found.

NVIDIA itself, of course, has not yet commented on the situation either, but this is the first time that hardware flaws were discovered in the flagship video card of the “green” ones after the partner companies started production. Unfortunately, now it is problematic to assess the level of the problem – if errors in the BIOS can be completely solved with patches, then a hardware defect will have to be solved at the factories. One can only hope that NVIDIA will cope with the situation, and the much-awaited video cards with an incredible price will still go to release.

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