NVIDIA’s profit is under threat: video cards in the secondary market have fallen in price by 2-3 times

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Any user who even slightly follows the prices of cryptocurrencies knows that the market is now experiencing an unprecedented decline. And, of course, the miners of the once most secure digital currency in the world also came under attack – in some cases, the payback period for a video card purchased for mining has doubled or even tripled. Accordingly, many users who purchased video cards for the purpose of making money are now actively dismantling their farms and selling graphics accelerators literally in batches, which, of course, hits AMD and NVIDIA (and their partners) hard, which have become much more difficult to implement their new models.

The fact is that at the moment the prices for new video cards from NVIDIA, AMD or partner companies have relatively normalized. If back in January of this year it was impossible to buy a graphics accelerator at the recommended price, since the real price was about three times higher, now retailers have a sufficient number of video cards at relatively reasonable prices. The only problem is that the secondary market for these video cards is just the sea – a huge abundance of any models and even lower prices significantly affect the sales of large players, there is even unconfirmed information that NVIDIA plans to reduce the batch of its RTX 40 generation video cards amid an impressive influx of BU-cards.

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Over the past month alone, according to the observations of journalists from the news publication Tom’s Hardware, prices for video cards in the secondary market have fallen by 14% – on average, since the beginning of January, the price of graphics accelerators in the used equipment market has fallen by 60%. And most of all, of course, video cards of the NVIDIA RTX 30 and AMD RX 6000 series entered the secondary market – they were the most in demand among miners, being in a huge deficit. For example, the flagship RTX 3090 graphics card was selling on eBay (Used Condition) as of January 1, 2022 for a hefty $2,900, with a MSRP of $1,500 from the manufacturer. Now, in the secondary market, the same video card is sold on average a little more than $ 1,000.

A similar situation with the entire line of RTX 30 – RTX 3080 previously sold for $ 1800 in used condition, but now there are a whole host of offers for $ 750. And while most of these graphics cards are certainly not recommended to buy after a year of mining, there is a huge chance that by the time the RTX 40 is released, gamers will already satisfy their needs for video cards.

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Source: Trash Box

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