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Objects remain intact in church hit by flood in RS; see images

During the flood that hit Rio Grande do Sul between the months of April and May this year, the water level reached close to 3 meters in the Cidade Verde neighborhood, in Eldorado do Sul (RS), a municipality located in the metropolitan region of Porto Alegre .

It is in this neighborhood that the São Miguel chapel is located. The church was badly damaged due to the flood, but one detail caught our attention: some sacred objects such as a cross, candlesticks and images of saints remained intact after the flood .

Even though the water reached 3 meters high, some of the items on the altar were found in their original positions. The objects were marked by water, but were not displaced.

Additionally, a box of Bibles was found with the superior dried specimens , despite having floated during the flood. A CNN Father Fabiano Glaeser dos Santos, responsible for the chapel, stated that he interprets what happened as a “sign of God”.

“It is a sign that only the cross and the sacred objects have remained ‘intact’. A sign that, in the midst of chaos, faith remains,” he said.

The priest cited the loss of equipment such as microphones, table and speaker, books, documents and materials used in masses.

“When we entered the church, we found the pews all overturned, as they were floating in the water,” said the priest. “But on the altar were the cross and the candlesticks intact, that is, as if they had not been hit by the water.”

Source: CNN Brasil

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