OENGE denies Mitsotaki in a meeting with Tsipras: Doctors exist to strengthen the NSS, to be hired immediately

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The President of the Federation of Hospital Doctors Associations of Greece, Ms. Aphrodite Retziou, completely refuted the allegations of Mr. Mitsotakis in the Parliament that there are no doctors available for recruitment in the lists of candidates for hospitals in the country. Tsipras with the presidency of OENGE, at the offices of SYRIZA – Progressive Alliance.

According to party sources, Mr. Tsipras, in his quotation, spoke about the initiative he has undertaken “for a series of meetings with federations and employees in the field of Health, but not only, and with social organizations and parties”, on the occasion of ” tragic development of the pandemic and the situation in the hospitals “.

Referring to the debate he had in Parliament with the Prime Minister on these issues, Mr. Tsipras stressed that “I asked Mr. Mitsotakis to answer the critical issue of doctor recruitment and the order of private and military hospitals”, noting that “today “We have almost 150 people on a temporary basis outside the ICU with very negative survival rates, as the services that could have been provided to them if they were in a regular ICU are not provided.”

“I asked him urgently to give an answer why he does not hire doctors and does not order private and military hospitals,” said Mr. Tsipras, characteristically denying the “constant insistence of the government that there are no doctors”.

“In this matter we can not play the best men, it is a matter of life and death for hundreds of our fellow human beings, we must have a picture of reality,” said Mr. Tsipras, addressing the OENGE Presidency, emphasizing that “if we do not have a picture of we can not really figure out what we can claim. ”

OENGE: Doctors exist to strengthen the NSS

For her part, the President of OENGE, Ms. Retziou, stressed the urgent need for immediate tenure of auxiliary doctors and the immediate announcement of all vacancies in hospitals, refuting the government’s argument that there are not so many doctors to staff the .

“There are doctors. To see how many doctors there are you have to announce the positions. Let him make the auxiliary doctors permanent without conditions and conditions. Let him announce all the vacancies and you will see that there are doctors to staff the NSS” stressed Ms. Retziou. In fact, he characteristically mentioned the case of announcing the position of a pulmonologist, where 30 candidates submitted their papers.

In addition, referring to the government’s allegations of 2,000 recruitments of auxiliary and 2,000 permanent doctors, she noted that two months later their recruitment has not been completed and called on the government to proceed with urgent procedures recruiting with control of only formal qualifications.

At the same time, OENGE proposed to hire all their colleagues in the few positions that have been advertised, since all of them should come, as she said, “we will already be far behind the existing needs. the needs have multiplied “.

As he underlined “as hospital doctors we do not reconcile, even if one life is lost while it could have been saved, it angers and angers us”.

Referring to the request of the private health structures, she characterized the government’s communication handling in this issue as a conscious lie. “Here we are talking about a conscious lie. The private health sector can not be left untouched. All the structures of the private health sector can not be included now, without terms and conditions, without compensation, without bargains,” said the president of OENGE. , while adding that the private sector continued to speculate during the pandemic.

Finally, he described the fine of 100 euros for those who do not get the vaccine as “coronary artery disease”.

“Instead of what we call a targeted and individualized campaign to convince those who are not convinced of the necessity of vaccination, we are turning the vaccine into a measure of social automation in this doctrine of individual responsibility,” said the president of OENGE. In this context, he stated that this opens dangerous paths “since tomorrow we will be told to pay and those who did not pay attention, those who smoked and I say that because along with the pandemic we have a parallel pandemic, that of the rest of the disease, which has gone far back by transforming the NSS into a system of a disease “.


Source From: Capital

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