Official apology from Mexico to the native Maya


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His government Mexico formally apologized to the indigenous Maya for the injustices committed against them after the Spanish conquest.

This apology, which coincides with the 500th anniversary of the “Conquista” (conquest of Mexico), was initiated by Mexican President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador and his Guatemalan counterpart Alexandro Yamatei in the municipality of Caulio Felipe. in Quintana Roux (southeast).

“We apologize to the Mayan tribe for the horrific atrocities committed by individuals and national and foreign forces during Concista, the three centuries of colonialism and the two centuries of independent Mexico”, said the president of Mexico, referring in particular to the caste war in the 19th century.

This war was an enslaved Mayan uprising in the Yucatan (southeast) that began in 1847 and ended in 1901, with the indigenous Mayans fighting against white and mixed populations.

During the ceremony, Mexican government acknowledges racism, discrimination against ethnic minorities two centuries after the independence of Mexico.

The construction of the Maya Railway, a flagship project of the current Mexican government, was reported during the ceremony, with residents disapproving.

In June 2020, Lopez Obrador gave the green light for the construction of this 1,500-kilometer railway line that is designed to cross various parts of the Yucatan Peninsula, where Cancun Resort is located.

Many organizations oppose the project, claiming it is harmful to the environment and to several indigenous communities in the area.

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