Oh no! Woman left her husband to live with hers “her soulmate”… and he left her

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Amanda Trenfield, a mother of two and a writer, shared her peculiar love story on Twitter. It’s so unbelievable that she even wrote a novel about it, detailing how she left her husband, whom she was married to for 14 years, to live with her soul mate.

His story seems like something out of a fairy tale. Only this would not be written by Disney but by the Grimm brothers, since the ending is quite different from what you might imagine.

in the novel When A Soulmate Says NoAmanda Trenfield wrote that her marriage had lost its spark and she didn’t even feel that close to her husband anymore. In an effort to try to improve her relationship, she attended a three-day conference on marital problems, where she hoped to gain the knowledge and tools necessary to reconnect with her husband.

Her plan seemed perfect, but at that conference she met another man, to whom she was immediately attracted. The connection was so intense that she didn’t doubt for a second that this guy was her soul mate.

It was so intense that he needed to break eye contact. He we. Energy. It was electric, something magical, he had never felt it. My body was fully charged. I was completely hooked.

Woman leaves her husband alone to go live with her 'soulmate' and her soul left her

Amanda struck up a friendship with this man and was soon in an extramarital affair with him. Her company seemed pleasant to him, she loved being by her side, seeing it, feeling it. Therefore, she made the decision to put an end to her marriage.

I loved talking to him. I felt warm, relaxed, and safe in his presence. I felt like I could really be myself, on a level I wasn’t familiar with. I realized that it was a feeling I hadn’t enjoyed in a long, long time, maybe never.

Woman leaves her husband alone to go live with her 'soulmate' and her soul left her

When Amanda ended her ill-fated marriage, she packed her bags and headed into the arms of her soul mate. Unfortunately, he was not on the same page, since for him this was a temporary relationship, which is why she ended up leaving her without giving any further explanation.

Amanda was left alone but with a great accumulation of experiences, emotions and learning that she later captured in her novel. On the other hand and, as expected, her thread on her Twitter attracted hundreds of Internet users who gave her opinion on the subject, making it viral and reminding us that, in love, nothing is written.


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