Ol. Solts: Concentration of Russian forces on Ukrainian border threatens security in Europe

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“Threat to peace and security in Europe” characterizes the development of Russian forces on the border with Ukraine, Chancellor Olaf Soltz and calls for respect for territorial integrity and borders.

“Territorial integrity of countries is one of the achievements of reconciliation after 1990, so borders should not be moved by force. Laws and rules should apply, not military force,” Solz told the Süddeutsche Zeitung. will be released tomorrow and denies criticism of Berlin’s cautious stance on Moscow in the Ukrainian crisis. “I have spoken clearly – and they do. And what the Germans and Europeans have agreed with the US government is that a possible attack on Ukraine would have a high cost to Russia,” he said. At the same time, it rejects Moscow’s request that NATO exclude Ukraine’s accession to the Alliance, noting that “such guarantees can not be given.” However, he also clarified that “in any case, the accession of other Eastern European countries is not on the agenda at the moment”.

Regarding the possible imposition of sanctions against Moscow, Olaf Solz emphasizes that it would be good to avoid it, but he is in favor of “careful punitive” measures, if Moscow does not finally choose de-escalation. “Logic dictates the choice of measures that will have the greatest possible impact on those who violate the mutually agreed principles,” the German Social Democrat (SPD) continued, but also reminded that the implications of sanctions on the same should be considered. Germany. “No one should have the illusion that there is a measure that has no consequences for us,” he warns, although he assures that he agrees with European partners on what sanctions are likely to be chosen. “We have to be prepared to act in an emergency – and we will be,” he said.

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