Olaf Solz: The future chancellor is in favor of compulsory vaccination

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In favor of compulsory vaccination against coronavirus states the future chancellor of Germany Olaf Solts, with a view to halting the outbreak of the epidemic in his country.

“It was understood that discussions on this issue were taking place in the German federal parliament (Bundestag), by all parties”, the environment of the future social democrat chancellor was made known, according to the APE MPE.

Her successor Angela Merkel “he is in favor of such an arrangement”, according to the same source, during the meeting between the caretaker Chancellor and the Heads of State of 16 tightening restrictions against Covid.

Mini lockdown is discussed in the fun

The closure of bar and of nightclubs, according to the German media.

So far, Germany has ruled out the option of compulsory vaccination, adopted by neighboring Austria, but also Greece.

Compulsory vaccination was recently decided for specific occupational groups only, for the time being: For nursing home and hospital staff, as well as for German Federal Army (Bundeswehr) soldiers.

The health condition remains difficult, however, with the incidence rate currently 452.2 per 100,000 inhabitants.

The vaccination campaign has so far allowed almost complete vaccination 57 million people (68,5%).

The compulsory vaccination, which rejected for a long time the majority of Germans are now required by almost two thirds of them (64%), according to a recent poll of RTL and ntv media.

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