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Olaf Solz: ‘Too fast’ the decisions on a package of relief measures for the citizens

The federal government will “very quickly” take decisions to relieve citizens from the consequences of the energy crisis, said Chancellor Olaf Scholz, who however emphasized that compared to a few months ago, Germany is today in a much better position in the , regarding the security of natural gas supply.

“No one should be left alone with their problems,” Mr Solz stressed on the sidelines of a two-day cabinet meeting at Brandenburg’s Meseberg Castle, noting that the government’s aim was for the measures to be “as tailored as possible , as targeted and as efficient as possible”.

The chancellor, however, expressed his satisfaction with the progress made in efforts to compensate for the reduction in natural gas supplies from Russia. Gas terminals are being built on German shores at an “unbelievable” pace, he said, and gas storage tanks are already more than 82 percent full. The security of supply situation is “much better” than a few months ago, added Olaf Solz.


Source: Capital

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