Oleg Tinkov: Most Russian tycoons on Forbes list do not support war

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Russian billionaire Oleg Tinkov, who has condemned Russia’s war against Ukraine, said in a lengthy interview with Russian journalist Yuri Dud (described by Russian authorities as a “foreign agent”) that after the Russian invasion of Ukraine , he personally contacted 12 of the 20 Russian businessmen included in the Forbes list and how “they are all shocked”. An anti-war stance, he says, was taken by Magnit founder Sergei Galitsky.

Alfa-Bank co-owner Mikhail Friedman has advised him, Tinkov said, to first sell the bank and then condemn the Russian attack on Ukraine. But he replied “Hate to .., that’s how I feel, I can not be silent”.

Tinkov attributes their silence to the fact that they do not make public statements against the war, to the fact that thousands of employees in their companies depend on them and that, among other things, they believe that such statements will not change anything.

Recently, Oleg Tinkov, founder of the eponymous TinkoffBank, which is abroad, has repeatedly made statements condemning Russia’s military invasion of Ukraine. He has called this war “absurd” and those who support it “stupid”. Following his statements, he said, the Russian authorities forced him to sell his stake in the bank “at 3% of its real value”, otherwise, as the Russian businessman claims, they would nationalize the bank.

Vladimir Putin, a businessman close to Putin, bought his share. “I could not discuss the price, I was taken hostage, and you take what they give you,” Oleg Tinkov explained.

Tinkov said in an interview that he had not been to Russia for three years, that he had not run the bank in general, and that he had generally said “I never cooperated” with the authorities. For this reason, he considers that the sanctions imposed on him by the British government were a technical error made “in response to the enormous crime committed by the Russian state.” He admitted that he was wrong when in 2017, in an interview he gave to Dud again, he had proposed that Putin become emperor. Tinkov “apologized to everyone for this phrase” and reiterated that his phrase was a sarcasm. Tinkov says he “never went to Putin” and that he participated in the rally against his re-election.

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