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Oliver Stone: Putin had cancer but he overcame it

American director Oliver Stone said that Vladimir Putin fought cancer during the period during which he was interviewing the Russian president, as reported by Newsweek.

The Oscar-winning director told Lex Fridman that Putin had overcome his illness. “Remember this, Mr. Putin had cancer and I think he has gotten over it,” he said, without elaborating on the type of cancer the Russian president had.

The American director, who is behind JFK, Scarface and Platoon films, among other things, conducted many interviews with Putin from 2015 to 2017, the British radio station LBC broadcast on Saturday.

Stone’s allegations come amid continuing speculation about Putin’s health as the Russian war in Ukraine continues.

The Kremlin has not publicly commented on Putin’s health since the start of the war. However, Christopher Steele, a former intelligence official in the United Kingdom, recently said that Putin had left meetings to seek medical treatment.

“Security Council meetings that are supposed to last an entire hour are actually divided into different sections,” said Steele, who served on MI6’s intelligence service, in an interview with LBC Radio. “[Ο Πούτιν] goes out and receives some kind of medical care between these departments “.

Steele added that Putin “is constantly accompanied by a team of doctors.” Steele did not elaborate on his allegations, but said he “certainly has a very serious impact on Russian government at the moment.”

Source: Capital

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