Olympic Games: Three of the longest-running records held for many decades

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Sometimes the Olympics record are created and broken almost immediately, a result of the participation of many world-class athletes. However, there are Olympic records that have been maintained for many decades, and some continue to count even today. Like the three of the longest-running Olympic records held for many decades to come.

Youngest Olympic gold medalist – 58 years

The minimum age for participation in the Olympic Games is determined by each country and it ranges from 13 to 18, with the USA being those with a minimum of 13 years.

This makes Marjorie Gestring’s achievement at the 1936 Berlin Olympics quite astonishing. According to Olympics.com, she won a gold medal in diving at the age of 13 years and 268 days, making her the youngest gold medalist in the history of the Olympic Games. A record he held for 58 whole years, when in Olympic Games at Lillehammer in 1994, was shot down by Kim Yun-Mi, an athlete from South Korea, winning gold at the age of 13 years and 85 days.

Longest jump – 53 years

According to ESPN, until 1968, the world record for the longest jump at 8.2 meters was held by Soviet jumper Igor Ter-Ovanesyan and American Ralph Boston, with Britannica even claiming to be the first to break the barrier. of 8.2 meters was Boston. That same year, however, Beamon not only broke the record, but almost broke it by a margin of 8.9 meters, a number that set both a new world record and an Olympic record. The Beamon Olympic record is still valid today, 53 years after its creation, making it the longest-running Olympic record in the history of the Games.

Rhythmic gymnastics – 45 years and continues

Prior to the 1976 Montreal Olympics, no competitors competed in instrumental gymnastics had never won a perfect 10. It was the legendary Nadia Comaneci who managed the impossible with her well executed program to score seven out of a total of 10 – a record she has maintained for 45 years and continues to count. In fact, what happened was so unlikely that even the scoreboard instead of showing 10, showed 1, reports grunge.com. In the same year, however, Nelly Kim also scored tens in her score, four less than Komaneci.

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