Omakasé at Ronin: the €100 best spent right now for a dinner (and evening) in Milan

Omakasé at Ronin: the €100 best spent right now for a dinner (and evening) in Milan

There are many, many and always new places in the city to dine out, many to drink well, some to continue the evening, few to listen to live music. A place that does everything together is rareor perhaps very rare, and that’s why when RONIN 浪人 openeda three-story oriental-style building in the Chinatown area of ​​Milan, we immediately loved it.

Beautiful because it is different, original and with a – broad – look abroad in a true perspective of cosmopolitan life, to which Milan still has so much room to give. Of this desire, open up to the discovery of the unknown (even in the kitchen), the three friends (including two brothers) who in unsuspecting times they opened Pacificoor have chosen to give a place of luxury to the then almost unknown Peruvian cuisine, they have made it their flag.

Their step beyond is ronin, which is a game of Chinese boxes, and of overlapping worlds: the Izakaya, the bar with food on the ground floor, a cocktail bar, the karaoke rooms, the restaurant, the club. and theOmakase, a restaurant inside the restaurant, a counter with kitchen and dedicated chef, intended for a few, only about ten guests. This is where it takes place the Omakase Roulette experiencewhich is the centerpiece of our evening, a temporary project a series of evenings with the most interesting chefs on the Italian scene, but that’s not all, so let’s start from the beginning.

The evening

You enter Ronin by climbing a grand staircase with digital artwork on the walls, to arrive at the cocktail bars: the evening begins with a drink in this strange bar with lights of every color where it seems to be in Hong Kong, perhaps in Bangkok, or perhaps in another distant and exotic place, until the doors to the Omakasé room open, where the atmosphere is completely different, bright, with the dominant tone of light wood and a large counter that delimits the space between the customers and the chefs. Here we entered Tokyo, in the peace of a dinner for a few friends.

Japanese chef Katsu Nakaji will be at the Omakasé from February 10thbut in the meantime he has invited a series of young, good, fun chefs to roulette: Joel Vacchina And Silvano Toscani by Hands, Alexander Miocchi and Giuseppe Lo Iudice of Backroom, Karime Lopez of Gucci Osteria, Lorenzo Cogo feat Eugene Roncoroni, Yoji Tokuyoshi of Bentoteca. There is still room for February 1-2 with Matthew Ugolotti of Quistello Embassy at 9 pm.

The program includes a dinner of 5 or more courses, wine pairing, a warm atmosphere, an evening to meet new people, away from it all. After dinner, Omakasé Roulette participants are invited to the Ronin club on the top floor, for a game of foosball, for a cocktail, to hear live music. A living room above Chinatown where it seems to be in another world. Price of the evening: €100/120 all included (reservations: +39 02 89367101,

Source: Vanity Fair