Ombudsman demands government urgency in sending planes and support to Yanomami land

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The Federal Public Defender’s Office (DPU) criticized the federal government’s delay in increasing the number of aircraft and teams to assist indigenous people in the Yanomami Land. In a letter sent to Minister Rui Costa, from the Civil House, the body urged the reinforcement of material and human resources to help the population.

“The assessment made by the DPU is that the federal government, although it has finally taken action to reduce the serious damage to the Yanomami and Ye’kwana people as a result of the structural omission of the previous administration, has not been adopting measures with the speed that the situation requires” , says the defender.

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Between January 23 and 27, public defenders were in the territory due to the outbreak of the public health emergency by the Ministry of Health, and verified the crisis situation in the region, where indigenous people suffer from cases of severe malnutrition, malaria and respiratory infections.

In this scenario, the DPU points out that it is “imperative to increase the number and size of aircraft used to transport these people to receive due medical and hospital care, as well as to transport food. Likewise, in relation to the reinforcement of the Funai and Sesai teams, as well as the personnel destined to guarantee the security of these civil servants”.

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It also calls for an active search for indigenous people to ensure service to the population.

The document is from Friday (3). In the official letter, the DPU requests that the federal government forward a balance of actions in the indigenous area in Roraima until this Monday (6). “At the exact moment this letter is being written and read, Yanomami indigenous people continue to die and suffer from hunger and lack of adequate medical treatment”, continues the text.

On Tuesday (30), the DPU had forwarded another official letter to Flávio Dino, Justice, and Defense Ministers, José Múcio Monteiro, in which he warned of the need to expand the logistical structure for the distribution of basic food baskets, which is also unanswered. Thus, it also asks for updates on this demand.

Defense responded that it surveys logistical needs to calculate demand for resources. The forecast is to complete this work by this Monday.

A CNN contacted the Ministries of Defense and Indigenous Peoples and the National Foundation for Indigenous Peoples (Funai) and is awaiting a position on the matter.

Source: CNN Brasil

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