OMG! Woman discovers that her future daughter-in-law is her daughter who disappeared 20 years ago

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Recently, during a wedding in Suzhou, China, a woman had the surprise of her life to discover that her future daughter-in-law was actually her daughter, who was lost more than 20 years ago. You imagine?

According to the publication in Oriental DailyThe wedding was about to take place on March 31 when the groom’s mother realized that her fiancée had a birthmark identical to that of her daughter, which disappeared when she was a child and whom she could never find.

He steeled himself and questioned the parents

bride's hand in china with typical dress of chinese culture

Against all odds and determined to discover the truth, the woman steeled herself and asked her future daughter-in-law’s parents if she was adopted. The question bothered the family, but they could not deny that, although it was a secret between them, the reality was that yes, their daughter was adopted.

After explaining how things happened and the identical birthmark on their daughter’s hand, the bride’s parents confessed that their daughter had been adopted almost 20 years earlier when they found her next to a road.

An unexpected and surprising reunion

mother and daughter meet again during a wedding in china

When everything was cleared up, both families decided to share the news with the couple and the wedding remained the last of their priorities. Upon learning the whole story, the bride could not contain the tears of emotion, but that was not all.

The revelation gave way to new doubts, since everything seemed to indicate that the couple were brothers and could not marry. However, their mother had one more secret to confess.

There was one more secret to discover

Chinese wedding couple holding hands in typical clothing of Chinese culture

The wedding could have been canceled, it was the logical thing to do. But at that moment, the mother of the fiancé, and the bride, confessed that he was adopted, since after losing his daughter, he decided to give a child without a family a chance.

In spite of everything and with the certainty that they did not share any kind of kinship, the original plans continued their course and they married. True stories like this certainly outweigh fiction by far.


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