Omicron may have reached a plateau in Rio de Janeiro, says health secretary

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The numbers of spread and hospitalizations by Covid-19 in the city of Rio de Janeiro seem to have reached their highest level and are starting to fall, is how the municipal secretary of Health of Rio de Janeiro, Daniel Soranz, evaluated this Wednesday (26). ).

“It looks like the Ômicron variant has found a plateau,” Soranz said. The statement is based on the drop in the number of people hospitalized, which reached 900 patients with Covid-19 in beds in the municipal public network in the city.

On the morning of this Wednesday (26), patients with Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS) were 778.

In addition, the positivity rate for the disease dropped from around 50% to 33%. Demand for tests has also declined.

Soranz explains that, “in fact, it seems that the Ômicron variant is behaving like the other variants, as it behaved in other countries: with a very abrupt, very intense increase in cases and after 25 to 38 days, a deceleration. We believe that there will be a much better epidemiological scenario in the month of February”, he projected.

According to the secretary, unvaccinated people have a 27 times greater risk of serious hospitalization.

Among those hospitalized with Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome in the municipal public network, 88% did not complete the vaccination cycle. In addition, 46% of these patients did not receive any doses of the vaccine.

Repentance among the inmates

“It is very desperate when you see a person being hospitalized for complications from Covid-19 and they have not been vaccinated. There are several cases of people who regret after being discharged or at the time of hospitalization, who regret not having been vaccinated”, says the secretary, who is also a health doctor.

Therefore, the recommendation is for vaccination. “Today, more than age, more than comorbidities or any other health problem, the greater risk for you to be hospitalized and to die from Covid-19 is not having been vaccinated”, he said.

According to Soranz, strengthening protection is essential. In Rio, 630,000 people are overdue for their third dose. “After four months, this protection starts to drop, so it is necessary for people who have already completed four months of the second dose to seek exposure to protect themselves, to be vaccinated”, he recalled.

Reference: CNN Brasil

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