Omicron mutation – Spain: Flights from South African countries suspended

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THE Spain announced today the suspension of flights from its countries South Africa, starting on Thursday and December 15, in order to “fight the spread” of Omicron mutation, which was first identified on this continent.

This decision, which was approved by the cabinet, has been expected for some days. Taken at the time one first case was located yesterday in Madrid to a traveler from South Africa, according to AFP.

Seven countries are subject to the restrictions, according to the Spanish authorities: the South Africa, the Botswana, τη Zimbabwe, τη Namibia, the Lesotho, the Eswatini, τη Mozambique and Malawi.

The measure will enter into force on Thursday at 00.01 local time and will be maintained until midnight of December 15th.

These restrictions may be ‘extended, if necessary, depending on the evolution of the pandemic situation “Decisions can be taken in a coordinated manner with the European Union,” the health and transport ministries said in a joint statement.


According to the EIA, exceptions are provided for flights carrying “exclusively Spanish nationals residing in Spain, as well as residents of Andorra” and “international transit passengers” outside the Schengen area “with a stop of less than 24 hours “. The latter will not, however, be able to “leave the airport transit zone”, the relevant ministries predict in their press release.

The restrictions are aimed at “protecting health and security “by limiting the spread of the disease,” the Spanish government said in a statement.

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