Omicron mutation: Suspected case detected in Austria

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The first case of coronavirus that may be associated with Omicron mutation was located in Austria and more specifically in Tyrol.

According to the APE-MPE, The suspected case concerns a traveler who returned from South Africa last week and which tested positive for covid-19, indicating that it has been shown by the new variant, also known as Botswana mutation, although confirmation is expected in the coming days.

In Austria already valid from Monday lockdown due to the rapid rise in cases of covid-19.

Initial tests performed by the Innsburg Institute of Virology have led to “serious suspicion” that the case may be linked to the Omicron variant.

Samples will now be sent to the Austrian Food and Safety Authority (AGES) for further testing.

“The result from AGES is expected in the coming days,” said Elmar Rizoli, head of the Tyrol pandemic management team.

“The case, as he has stated based on current information, has remained almost exclusively at home since he returned from his trip three days ago and currently shows no symptoms.”.

Authorities have called for more tests to be carried out on people who have returned to Austria in the last 14 days from countries in southern Africa.

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