Ômicron variant requires care and preparation, experts say

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The discovery of the Ômicron variant and the concern that it could cause a new wave of Covid-19 cases should inspire care and preparation on the part of governments.

This is the opinion of specialists Isabella Ballalai, pediatrician and vice president of the Brazilian Society of Immunizations (SBIm), and Rosana Ritchmann, an infectious disease specialist at the Emilio Ribas Institute.

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In an interview with CNN this Saturday (4), Ballalai said that it is still necessary to better understand the impact of the new strain on the circulation of the coronavirus.

“We have a perspective that Ômicron is not a variant that escapes from vaccines, but of course, we run the risk of the return of the virus circulation at a higher rate [de infecção]”, he explained.

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Ritchmann, on the other hand, opined that the variant made it even easier to take some decisions from the point of view of public policy.

“Before this variant, we had been discussing whether there should be Carnival, New Year’s Eve, and what the risks were. Seeing a more favorable scenario here in Brazil, of course we were excited to want to be more flexible. This variant helps us to say that it is really not time to be flexible”, he stated.

The two also defended the importance of the Brazilian population completing the vaccination schedule with two doses (or a single dose) of vaccines against Covid-19 and also that a booster dose against the disease be offered as soon as there is a vaccine for the entire population. .

“Study after study is coming out [mostrando] that when taking the third dose, the booster dose, the amount of protection goes up a lot and faster than with the first two doses”, explained the infectologist.

Reference: CNN Brasil

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