On CNN Profit #13; Daiane dos Santos: the financial life of a golden athlete

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Nine gold medals in world competitions and the first Brazilian, between men and women, to be in 1st place in an edition of the gymnastics world championship. You probably already know who we’re talking about, but if you’re still in doubt, think about the song: Brasileirinho.

Daiane dos Santos is in the memory of Brazilians. The former athlete made history and moved Brazil with her career as a gymnast. In addition to the medal collection, she also carries in her luggage two heels named after her: Dos Santos I (double pike twist) and Dos Santos ll (double stretched twist).

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Guest of the 13th episode of CNN In Profit podcast, a CNN Brasil Soft project, Daiane dos Santos told how her financial life was when she was still competing carrying the Brazilian flag around the world. In the conversation led by Leandro Munhós, she also revealed how she prepared to retire from the sport and how she invests her money.

Gold also in investments?

Daiane dos Santos said that, like many Brazilians, she has already juggled to close the accounts at the end of the month. The former gymnast said that she always had the help of her parents, but that she has been increasingly concerned with financial matters and would like to learn about investments.

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“About a month ago, I started to think more about it, about how to better invest the money that is sitting there in savings accounts. As I don’t understand, I went to get a financial planner to get my bearings,” she said.

According to Daiane, more important than earning is knowing how to save and apply the money. She revealed that, since the beginning of her career as an athlete, she has been investing in real estate. “I’ve always been very careful not to buy expensive properties because we need to think about how to keep this property later, pay IPTU, make repairs. You have to be careful so the property doesn’t become a debt.”

Currently, she has about 10 properties that generate a monthly income through leasing.

I have always been a person who invested in real estate

Daiane dos Santos

CNN In Profit Podcast

The No Lucro podcast is available in video at CNN Brasil Soft’s Youtube and on the main audio platforms, with new episodes every Thursday, starting at 7pm. The profile “No Lucro CNN” is also live on Instagramat the twitter and not TikTok.

Escaping the technical language and jargon of the economics area, popularly called “economês”, the program will not be restricted to specialists, as it will also receive celebrities, influencers and people who are behind successful businesses in the most diverse areas. The idea is to show different points of view on entrepreneurship, personal finance, management, investments and economics.

The videocast is part of the “No Lucro by CNN Soft” platform, launched in March, as a result of a strategic partnership between CNN Brasil and Banco Santander.

Source: CNN Brasil

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