On CNN Profit #22: Luciana Gimenez reveals that she regrets not buying more Apple shares

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Luciana Gimenez started working as a model at the age of 13 and continued in the profession for almost 20 years, starring in major campaigns and living in several countries. In the early 2000s, however, she decided to return to Brazil and accept an invitation to host a TV show.

Guest of the 22nd episode of CNN In Profit podcast, CNN Brasil Soft project, the presenter talked about her career and investments. In the relaxed conversation led by Leandro Munhós, Luciana also talked about the financial difficulties she has gone through and revealed if she actually has the most expensive apartment in Brazil.

Invested little and regretted it

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To No Lucro, Luciana spoke of the investing side that few know. The presenter said that she is conservative with investments, but that she took a risk in the past and regretted not having bought more Apple shares.

“I spent 20, 30 years with these shares, they went up a lot. If I had bought more with the money I had, today I wouldn’t be talking here, I was already living there in Monaco”, he joked.

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Gimenez said that at the age of 23, after using an Apple computer for the first time, he decided he wanted to buy shares in the company. She went to the bank and told the manager that she would invest all her money in the computer company – about $30,000 – but the clerk stopped her from carrying out the transaction. Luciana invested US$ 1,000, but today she regrets it.

“Apple stock was $19, I’ve never forgotten it. Since then, she has gone up a lot. I’ve already been given an account, and if I had invested all the money, I would have made about $10 million. It was a ridiculous thing,” she said.

CNN In Profit Podcast

The No Lucro podcast is available in video at CNN Brasil Soft’s Youtube and on major audio platforms, with new episodes every Thursday, starting at 7pm. The profile “No Lucro CNN” is also live on Instagramat the twitter and not TikTok.

Escaping the technical language and jargon of the economics area, popularly called “economês”, the program will not be restricted to specialists, as it will also receive celebrities, influencers and people who are behind successful businesses in the most diverse areas. The idea is to show different points of view on entrepreneurship, personal finance, management, investments and economics.

The videocast is part of the “No Lucro by CNN Soft” platform, launched in March, as a result of a strategic partnership between CNN Brasil and Banco Santander.

Source: CNN Brasil

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