On December 15, the exams of the 2nd cycle of certification of accountants and lawyers

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On Wednesday, December 15, the exams of the 2nd certification cycle of 1,200 accountants-tax experts and lawyers will be held, with the aim of the successful ones to directly contribute to the acceleration of the issuance of the new pensions, as announced by the Ministry of Labor and Social Security.

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With a recent modification of the ministerial decision and responding to the requests of both the bar associations and the Economic Chamber of Greece, it is possible for professionals who failed the exams to be re-examined in the next round of certification. The right to participate in the exams is provided up to three (3) times.

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At the same time, accountants and lawyers participating in a training-certification cycle are given the opportunity to request to be examined at a later date, following a request submitted to their respective association no later than 24 hours before the scheduled start of the examinations. This right is provided up to two (2) times.

After completing the exams, the successful candidates can apply for registration on the special electronic platform that has been created. They will then be able to set their time availability for future appointments with the insured who apply for retirement. The certified will be able to be selected by the insured who submits for the first time an electronic application for retirement on the website of e-EFKA (in the Electronic Service for Submission of Retirement Application), to undertake his retirement case.

The insured will show those certified who are available (they have undertaken less than 5 cases) and after selecting the one he wishes, then he sets the date and time of the appointment with the certified. He will then receive an e-mail that his case has been assigned to the certified professional of his choice and that the appointment he has chosen when submitting the online retirement application is valid.

It is reminded that in the first phase, the certified can undertake new retirement cases of the IKA, the OGA and the OAEE, which correspond to 75% of the total number of applications each month.


Source From: Capital

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