On newsstands the first issue of the “Vanity Fair Italia” trilogy dedicated to the values ​​of contemporary fashion

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The first issue of the trilogy of Vanity Fair Italia dedicated to the values ​​that influence contemporary fashion today.

The first issue is dedicated to the return of the GLAMOUR as a chance to define one’s own identity and diversity through fashion. The actress Benedetta Porcaroli, shot by photographer Mariano Vivanco, is the face of the cover and the interpreter of the visual power and also of personal storytelling of clothes and accessories. The issue includes an extensive report from the recent Venice International Film Festival where the glamor of cinema has written a new chapter in the entertainment sector.

The second issue, which will be on newsstands from 22 September, explores the value of RADICAL DIGITAL with a report that investigates all the implications of NFT technology in fashion, design, cinema, sport and many other creative sectors, an acronym for non-fungible token, i.e. goods with a specific identity, which cannot be replicated and cannot be replaced. On the occasion of Milan fashion week, Vanity Fair will launch its first cover in NFT starring one of the greatest interpreters of Italian music: Elodie. Shot by photographer Attilio Cusani with interventions in computer graphics by the artist Maverick Tollon and technically created by the collective of artists Valuart (one of the most brilliant Italian start-ups operating in this sector), the cover will be auctioned via blockchain and the entire proceeds will be donated to a non-profit organization that deals with the hospitality of Afghan refugees, thus continuing the long-term Vanity Fair project “Don’t leave us alone”, launched with the cover of 8 September 2021.

Finally, the issue on newsstands on 29 September will close the trilogy exploring the new Italian multi-ethnic reality with the involvement of young Italian writers, journalists and creatives of SECOND GENERATION in the production of every content of the newspaper and with a dedicated schedule on social and digital channels. The cover character will be the artist Ghali portrayed by Mous Lamrabat, photographer and creative of Moroccan origins, a talent already recognized internationally.

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