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On red alert, Rio Grande do Sul closes schools and asks people to leave their homes

The state of Rio Grande do Sul is on red alert for storms that are expected to hit the cities of Rio Grande do Sul this Thursday (02). The forecast caused the Rio Grande do Sul government to close schools and ask people living in risk areas to leave their homes. The request was directed to residents of cities in the Vale do Taquari region, which is expected to be hit by a record flood of the Taquari River.

Warning issued by the National Institute of Meteorology (Inmet) points out that the accumulation of rain in recent days in Rio Grande do Sul leads to a great risk of major flooding and river overflows, in addition to major landslides. There are at least 114 cities in Rio Grande do Sul affected by heavy rains in the south of the country.

School closings

On the afternoon of this Wednesday (01), Governor Eduardo Leite published on social media that he ordered the cancellation of classes in all schools in the state. The measure, according to Leite, serves to guarantee the safety of the population.

“Worst moment”

This Wednesday (01), the government of Rio Grande do Sul warned of the “worst moment” due to the heavy rains hitting the state. The notice was published by governor Eduardo Leite on the social network X.

According to the video, the situation in the Vale do Taquari region is critical due to the flooding of the Taquari River. According to Leite, the cities with the greatest chance of overflows are Santa Teresa, Muçum, Rosa Sales, Encantado, Estrela, Lajeado. The warning endorses a speech the governor made at an earlier press conference, where he said it was the worst disaster in the history of Rio Grande do Sul.

Worst disaster in RS history

The governor of Rio Grande do Sul, Eduardo Leite, declared this Wednesday (1st) that the heavy rains hitting the state will characterize “the biggest disaster ever faced” by the people of Rio Grande do Sul. “We are living in a very critical moment in the state,” said Leite.

He highlighted that there is already a difference between the rains that hit cities in Rio Grande do Sul this year and those that hit several cities in southern Brazil in 2023.

“The difference from what happened last year is that, at a critical moment, in the Taquari valley, we had a flood, but then the weather allowed us to enter the field to provide assistance, rescue, and save hundreds of lives in those conditions. . Currently, we are having a lot of difficulties getting teams into the field, whether from the Army, the Military Brigade, or the Fire Department, we are having a lot of difficulties carrying out rescues.”

More than a hundred cities affected

A balance released by the Civil Defense of Rio Grande do Sul late this Wednesday afternoon (1st) reveals that 114 cities in Rio Grande do Sul were hit by the heavy rains that have been affecting the state since Monday (29th). At least ten deaths have been confirmed. Another 11 people are injured.

In total, 19,110 people were affected in Rio Grande do Sul by events such as floods, landslides, river overflows and landslides. The latest balance shows that 3,416 individuals are homeless and 1,072 are in shelters.

Of the total of ten deaths, two occurred in Paverama and two in Salvador do Sul. The other municipalities that recorded fatal victims were Pântano Grande, Itaara, Encantado, Segredo, Santa Maria and Santa Cruz do Sul.

Source: CNN Brasil

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