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On the last day of the campaign, Milei promises not to privatize health and education in Argentina

Opposition candidate Javier Milei, from the La Libertad Avanza coalition, released a campaign video this Thursday (16) in which he promises not to privatize education, health and football if he is elected president of Argentina in the second round of the presidential elections that take place on Sunday (19).

According to the schedule of the National Electoral Directorate, the campaign officially ends 48 hours before voting begins, at 8 am on Friday (17).

“We are not going to privatize healthcare. We will not privatize education. We are not going to reform Incucai (Argentine organ transplant system). We are not going to privatize football. We will not allow the unrestricted carrying of weapons”, said Milei.

In the video, the opposition candidate accuses his opponent’s ticket, the Minister of Economy and representative of the Peronist coalition Unión por la Patria, Sergio Massa, of spreading lies during the campaign.

“During all these months, the political class has spread an enormous amount of lies about us with one aim: to scare you into maintaining your privileges, because if you are afraid, you become paralyzed. And if you stay paralyzed, nothing changes. The only thing we propose is to embrace the ideas that made this country great”, he added.

Milei also promised to end inflation and insecurity in Argentina if elected.

On Wednesday (15), during a rally in Ezeiza, in the province of Buenos Aires, he called for an end to the decadence and stated that this is the most important election of the last 100 years.

“We are facing an important moment in history. This Sunday, we will have the most important election in the last 100 years. In this election, we gambled with our lives. We have to try to end the decadence and get Argentina back on its feet”, declared Milei.

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Source: CNN Brasil

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