On the move! Police take a puppy out of the store for trying to steal croquettes

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We love animals, but especially lomitos, those furry and loyal friends and companions that make our world a better place. We are not being romantic, but really, who can resist them? With those beautiful eyes, their attentive little ears and the way they greet us excitedly when they see us arrive. Oh, and not to mention their love hairs that they leave on our clothes.

It is very unlikely that we will resist and pout at a puppy, we are so loving, that we are able to adopt one after mom said she does not want any more dogs in the house. And we are not the only ones, because even generous human beings, who cannot adopt, leave containers with food or water for the street loins.

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Street dog

But unfortunately sometimes that is not enough, because due to people’s unconsciousness, many hungry and homeless puppies are forced to fall into crime. Don’t you believe us? Then wait until you hear the story of a puppy who was invited to leave an establishment for pretending to steal croquettes.

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dog wants to steal croquettes

The alleged hairy criminal deliberately entered a supermarket in Chile, but the workers of the establishment realized his intentions, so the store guards took him out very carefully, taking him by his legs, without hurting him. So he couldn’t steal food, but he could steal a lot of hearts.

dog taken out by guards

The truth is that none of the managers wanted to hurt him, but, without a doubt, it was very nice to see how they took him out simulating an arrest. TikTok users took the event with a good sense of humor and expressed their solidarity for the puppy to be released.

dog taken out by guards

Still others commented that they did not let him steal in peace and that up to two security guards were required to “capture” him. All these comments were made in jest and, of course, showing obvious empathy and tenderness for this hungry puppy.


the woolly dog ​​keeeeeeeee jssjsjjsjs

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