On the side of Kiev NATO and the US – Investigation into cyber attacks on state sites of Ukraine

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The attacks on government websites of Of Ukraine condemned earlier on Friday by its Secretary-General NATO.

“NATO has been working closely with Ukraine for years to help strengthen cyber defense. “NATO cyber experts in Brussels are exchanging information with their Ukrainian counterparts about the current malicious cyber activities,” he said. Stoltenberg.

According to the APE BPE, he added: “Allied experts in the country also support the Ukrainian authorities on the ground. In the coming days, NATO and Ukraine will sign agreement for enhanced cooperation in cyberspace, including Ukraine’s access to NATO’s malware exchange platform “.

“NATO’s strong political and practical support for Ukraine will be continued“, concluded.

Biden was informed

The president of USA Joe Biden was briefed on the cyber-attack in Ukraine and Washington and its allies offered their help in Kiev as the investigation into the nature and effects of the attacks continues, a White House National Security Council spokesman said.

“We will provide to Ukraine any support it needs to recover, “said the spokesman.

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