On the waist or on the wrist, this is how bags are worn this fall

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Undoubtedly, the bag is one of the essential accessories to complement the outfits of any woman, so combine it with any look It has become essential for any girl, as there is not a single day that they go out without it.

Just as fashion changes, the trends of how to use the bag change with it, emerging, for some time now, new ways to carry it instead of just hanging it on the shoulder.

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body of a girl sitting with a bag hanging from her wrist

With different designs and sizes, handbags have evolved so much that now the fashion is to wear them either on the wrist or hanging from the waist. So if you are looking to look different and sophisticated, in the following list we will give you some ideas on how to wear the trend with your new bags.

1. The classic fanny packs do not go out of style

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woman walking with a bag hanging on her waist

2. Bag hanging on the belt

woman standing on a street with a bag hanging from her belt

3. There are bags that even fit wide belts

woman walking with an umbrella wearing a wide belt from which a bag hangs

4. The bag on the belt will free your hands

woman posing with a green outfit with a bag hanging from her belt

5. In addition, they help highlight your figure

woman posing with a trench coat and a pink prada bag hanging from her belt

6. To the doll can be a simple purse

hand of a woman with a purse hanging from her wrist

7. With a short handle to hang it on your wrist

hand of a girl with a small bag hanging on her wrist

8. Bags with rings to simulate a bracelet

hand of a woman with a bag hanging from her wrist

9. With several handles that fit your hand

hand of a woman with a black bag hanging on the wrist with rings

10. You can wear the strap tangled around your wrist

girl's hand holding a bag with a strap around her wrist

Source: Okchicas

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