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On this day, July 10: The trial of the Monkeys begins – A professor is on trial for teaching the theory of evolution against religious beliefs

Today, religion and science separate their roles and avoid conflict. But things were not always like this. There was a time in the USA when it was forbidden by law to teach any theory contrary to the biblical creation of man. In particular, in 1925 a law was passed in the USA, which made it a misdemeanor to “teach any theory which denies the history of the Divine Creation of man as taught in the Bible, and teaches instead that man is descended from a lower order of animals.” It was at this time that the Monkey Trial or Scopes Trial began with John Thomas Scopes (John Thomas Scopes), a young science teacher, accused of teaching, in violation, the theory of the evolution of species. The Monkey Trial was one of the ten most important trials in US history. The controversy centered on “Creationists”, who supported divine creation, and “Darwinists”, who accepted Charles Darwin’s theory of evolution. The trial […]
Source: News Beast

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