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On this day, June 1: The junta bans the music of Mikis Theodorakis

On June 1, 1967, the colonel regime in Greece proceeds with an action against freedom of expression, banning the sale of records and the broadcasting of the music of Mikis Theodorakis. Theodorakis, one of Greece's most important and influential composers, became a target of the dictatorship due to his leftist beliefs and strong political activism. This decision did not come as a surprise, as the junta of colonels, which had been imposed in a coup d'état in April 1967, sought to suppress any form of resistance. Mikis Theodorakis was known for his opposition to oppression and fascist regimes while his music contained strong political and social messages. The bans Mikis Theodorakis received were not limited to his music and records. During the dictatorship Mikis Theodorakis suffered arrests and imprisonments (Averof), exile, incarceration in a concentration camp and even when he was free he was under constant surveillance. Despite efforts to silence him, Mr […]
Source: News Beast

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