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On this day, June 9: Donald Duck, one of the most famous Disney characters, is born

On June 9, 1934, one of the most iconic cartoon characters made his first appearance on the screen, marking the appearance of a character that would forever remain in the hearts of millions of people around the world. Donald Duck, Disney’s beloved duck, was born in a short cartoon called “The Wise Little Hen”. Donald Duck was created by Walt Disney and artist Dick Lundy. The character first appeared as a supporting role in the short film ‘The Wise Little Hen’, part of the ‘Silly Symphonies’ series. Donald’s unique character and distinctive voice, provided by Clarence Nash, quickly endeared him to the public. Since his first appearance, Donald Duck has evolved to become one of Disney’s most popular characters. His recognizable voice, explosive temper and humorous mishaps made him an irresistible character. The adventures of Donald, either as a poor “duck” trying to find her […]
Source: News Beast

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