On Wednesday, December 1, 2021 the BSE Investment Conference ‘Reinventing Greece through Investments in Innovation’

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With the basic message that “Greece returns through Innovation”, SEV and Innovative Greeks, organize an Investment Conference, entitled: “Reinventing Greece through Investments in Innovation” (“Re-invention of Greece through Investments in Innovation”), online on Wednesday, 1/12/2021, at 14:30. In the press conference held today (29.11.2021) by SEV, the actions of the Association for Innovation, the goals of the BSE investment conference, as well as the study “Destination Greece: Attracting Digital & Innovation Investment” prepared by Accenture on behalf of BSE, aiming to attract foreign investment in innovation and high technology. The Chairman of the Board of SEV Mr. Dimitris Papalexopoulos, the Co-Chairman of the Innovation Committee of SEV were placed in the interview Mr. Markos Veremis, the Director of the Innovation Department Mr. Magki Athanasiadis, as well as the Head of Accenture Greece Mr. Kyriakos Sampatakakis.

“Technology and innovation are at the core of economic growth today and in the future”

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Speaking at the beginning, Mr. Papalexopoulos referred to the situation, emphasizing that we are called to balance in an uncertain environment, and extremely competitive. “We are not in the clear yet,” he said, “but the outlook can be optimistic, as technology and innovation help us meet the challenges of the pandemic.” “Our prosperity depends on upgrading our collective ability to innovate,” Papalexopoulos said, noting that “technology and innovation are at the core of economic growth today and in the future.” Mr. Papalexopoulos noted that SEV works systematically, so that with targeted actions and initiatives, to upgrade the innovation ecosystem, to bring large companies closer to start-ups and to connect with universities and scientific research, in order to strengthen the technical skills and performance.

Referring to Greece, he pointed out that we can see the glass half full, since Significant steps have been taken in recent years. As he stressed, there are many reasons for Greece to be optimistic about innovation: The ecosystem, from almost non-existent a few years ago, is now growing, creating role models and we expect it to triple in five years. The investments of the multinational innovation and technology companies in Greece are accelerating, while the large network of Greeks in the Diaspora that transfer investments, advice and know-how to Greece is gradually utilized. At the same time, there is clear progress in utilizing the research results of universities and research centers. There is also a potential for building clusters, especially in industries such as biotechnology and medicine. It is important to take advantage of the synchronization of challenges such as the green transition, digitization and changes in the supply chain but also the broad understanding that is being formed in the field of investment, government and business for the immediate challenges and innovation. Above all, however, it is positive to change society’s perception of entrepreneurship, and that it is part of the solution to various issues. On the other hand, he pointed out that the glass is also half empty, because we lag behind the advanced countries and our competitors. It is crucial to realize that we need to accelerate, because other countries are also accelerating in terms of funding, human resource adequacy, and he added that in the tough global competition for investment in innovation and high technology, we can and must make demands.

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“SEV is the home of the most dynamic young technology companies in our country”

In the actions and initiatives of SEV for the upgrade of Innovation, Mr. Markos Veremis and Mrs. Mangi Athanasiadis. In particular, they pointed out that Innovation and technology companies have found their home in BSE, which today represents 60 of the most dynamic start-up technology companies in our country, referred to the BSE Innovation Committee, which has set 5 key objectives, such as:

  1. The strengthening of the innovative capacity of Greek companies, so that they are competitive and export to the whole world.

  2. The further development of the ecosystem of start-up technology companies, so that within the next five years it will exceed 10 billion in capitalization.

  3. The transformation of the remarkable research produced by the Greek Universities into innovative products, patents and more spinoffs.

  4. Attracting more foreign investment in innovation and high technology that act as accelerators for the development of the innovation ecosystem, and finally

  5. Prerequisite for all the above, the provision of qualified human resources.

To achieve These objectives of the Innovation Committee have been designed and implemented important initiatives such as:

  • The Innovation Ready which cultivates and facilitates the development of partnerships between industry and business with startups and the research community.

  • The Innovative Greeks, an initiative implemented by SEV in collaboration with Endeavor with the aim of mobilizing and uniting “inventive Greeks around the world” in order to help with their knowledge and contacts in the development of the Greek innovation ecosystem.

  • The SEV scaleup community. BSE has become home to technology companies and start ups. We founded the SEV Scaleup community with members of Greek startups and scaleups in order to contribute to their faster development.

  • Collaborations with Universities and Research Centers and joint planning of actions that help in the productive utilization of research results.

  • The workintech, a digital platform that we developed in collaboration with Endeavor in order to bring together Greek startups with talent from all over the world, and finally

  • The initiative “Reinventing Greece through Investments in Innovation“to create the right conditions that will allow technology giants from around the world to invest in Greece. To this end, the BSE Innovation Committee has commissioned Accenture to implement its study “Destination Greece: Attracting Digital & Innovation Investment”.

Greece has entered the international arena of attracting foreign direct digital investments

Presenting the study then President & CEO of Accenture Greece Mr. Kyriakos Sampatakakis, stressed: “Since 2017, through an expanded series of studies, we outline as Accenture the digital vision, dynamics and progress of the country. Since then, Greece has undoubtedly made huge strides, while recent emblematic investments, underline that Greece has entered dynamically In this context, our latest study “Destination Greece: Attracting Digital & Innovation Investment”, which we prepared for BSE, comes to answer the “why” but mainly the “how” Greece Based on the incentives and selection criteria of digital multinational companies, we map the areas and actions that will allow us as a country to further enhance the attractiveness of Greece as an investment destination, contributing positively to development of the economy and its competitiveness.Greece now has the demand dynamics, guarantees and resources in order to implement the necessary interventions to improve the overall experience of investors. “Now is the right time – concluded Mr. Sampatakakis – to intensify its efforts in this direction, now aware of the potential of the digital economy at the global level.”

Regarding the study “Destination Greece: Attracting Digital & Innovation Investment” the Special Report BSE has been sent separately: INNOVATION & INVESTMENTS: “Greece returns through Innovation”.

The Prime Minister and world leaders of innovation and technology at the investment conference

As it was emphasized, the Prime Minister Mr. Kyriakos Mitsotakis will participate in the SEV investment conference, while 27 important personalities from Greece and abroad – businessmen, investors, CEOs, etc. – will discuss how the ecosystem in Greece will be able to contribute. further in the development of the national economy, through foreign investment in high value-added innovation. At the investment conference, global business leaders, investors and leaders in the field of innovation and technology will share their knowledge from the experience of their own international corporate investments, will explain the factors that made Greece attractive and will discuss ways to further improve the investment environment. . Discussion panels will attempt to answer key questions, such as:

  • What are the social and economic factors that influence investment decisions?

  • What are the experiences of investors in Greece?

  • What should be done to promote foreign investment in innovation and technology in Greece?

  • Which sectors lead the investment response of Greece?

You can watch the conference at the link:


The investment conference is held with the kind sponsorship of the companies:




  • Accenture Greece


  • Endeavor Greece


  • INTRASOFT International

  • The Signal Group



  • Upstream



  • Αtos Greece

  • WINGS ICT Solutions


  • Athens News Agency – Macedonian News Agency.

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