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On World Bicycle Day, cyclists come together to donate blood

This Monday (3) at 8am, the blood center at the AC Camargo Cancer Center, in São Paulo, will be a meeting point for cyclists involved in a blood donation campaign.

Created by cycling activist Renata Falzoni, the “Sangue de Ciclista” campaign was born in 2022. This year, the chosen date also celebrates World Bicycle Day.

On social media, activists recall the importance of blood transfusions to save lives and highlight the number of traffic accidents involving pedestrians and cyclists.

“Let's donate our blood where it saves lives”, says Falzoni in a video inviting participants. According to her, the blood center was chosen because it is the unit where colleagues already have the habit of donating.

In addition to the meeting point in the capital of São Paulo, cycloactivists ask collectives from other municipalities to support the idea and organize their own campaigns in their regions. So far, there is no confirmation that other locations will participate.


When: Monday (3), at 8am

Where: AC Carmargo Cancer Center

Address: Rua Castro Alves, 131, Aclimação (near Vergueiro metro)

Utility: The location has parking spaces for participants' bicycles.

*Published by Renata Souza, from CNN

Source: CNN Brasil

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