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One in four homeless people in Rio Grande do Sul is from Canoas

The city of Canoas (RS) has 21,294 people in shelters, due to the floods that hit Rio Grande do Sul — this corresponds to almost 27% of all the more than 79 thousand people in shelters across the state, according to data from Secretariat of Social Development of Rio Grande do Sul based on Civil Defense. The municipality has the largest number of homeless people among the 94 cities.

More than 60% of the homeless are concentrated in three municipalities: Canoas, Porto Alegre and São Leopoldo. The capital of Rio Grande do Sul occupies second place on this list, with 14,313 people outside their homes, equivalent to 18% of the total number of homeless people. Following are São Leopoldo (17.50%), Guaíba (6%) and Novo Hamburgo (3%).

In a note, the secretariat informs that one of the areas of action is the census of shelters, with employees moving to the shelters for people to fill out a form to obtain a characterization of the spaces through a census. “With this detail, we will be able to direct efforts and assist the municipalities”, states the statement.

Among the cities with the highest number of shelters for flood victims, Porto Alegre occupies the first position (167), followed by São Leopoldo (93), Canoas (80), Guaíba (70), Gravataí (34) and Rio Pardo ( 32). In the metropolitan region, almost 68 thousand people are away from their homes.

According to the latest Civil Defense bulletin, 148 people died as a result of the rains. The most recent balance was released early this Tuesday afternoon (14). The number of affected municipalities is 446.

Platform shows the need for shelters in Rio Grande do Sul

A group of volunteers developed the platform SOS Rio Grande do Sulwhich aims to create a bridge between the population and the shelters that welcome victims of the floods that hit Rio Grande do Sul.

The platform is powered by the volunteers who manage the shelters in the capital of Rio Grande do Sul and in other cities in the state, and accessed as a source of information by the population that aims to help those affected.

The solution was created on Saturday (4) to organize information about the availability of shelters and specific donation needs for each space and is used by Porto Alegre city hall, the government and Civil Defense. The data is shared with Cruz Vermelha Rio Grande do Sul, Doctors Without Borders and US Aid.

Source: CNN Brasil

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