One in three young Brits doesn’t know the Beatles, survey finds

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A survey carried out in the United Kingdom showed that practically one in three young British people is not familiar with the work of the Beatles.

The pushing – carried out by the company Censuswide at the request of radio manufacturer and seller Roberts Radio – administered a questionnaire to 2,000 respondents in the UK.

The researchers cut out to show how much “Generation Z” respondents, aged 16 to 23, know about “older music stars” compared to respondents from the so-called “Silent Generation”, whose age is older than 74 years.

The figures showed that “68.97% of Gen Z were familiar with the work of the Beatles”. This represents that approximately one in three young British people is unaware of the band’s music.

In any case, the “Liverpool boys” still have the best performance in the young age group, compared to other older artists.

Great UK artists such as Queen, David Bowie and Pink Floyd, for example, received a positive response from 66.81%, 53.88% and 51.72% of the young Gen Z, respectively.

The most unknown artist for this age group was Aretha Franklin, with more than 60% of young people unaware of the black music icon. Close behind were U2 and The Supremes.

“When we asked if people found old songs or artists boring, Gen Z was the generation that most agreed that they did, with nearly 34% [das respostas]”, say the researchers.

The researchers also point out that men are more likely to find old music boring at around 21% compared to women at around 11%.

“Over a third of Gen Z told us they wouldn’t hear a song if it came out before they were born. This is an entire library of classics released before 2000 that the younger generation may be missing,” they add.

The survey also points out that artists like The Beach Boys and The Supremes have significant drops in popularity from one generation to the next. “If each generation continues to lose familiarity with these works at this average, there could be a scenario in the next three generations where they won’t have young fans,” the researchers point out.

While still showing solid numbers, the survey believes that the Beatles and Elvis Presley, on the other hand, should maintain a solid young fan base for at least the next 10 years.

Source: CNN Brasil

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