‘One layer makeup’ the latest beauty trend going crazy on TikTok

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When it comes to beauty tips and tricks, TikTok is a resource you can trust. After all, even the makeup and hairstyles we see on the runways today are inspired by the style and cultural niches that reign on the platform.

The latest beauty trend is layered makeup, considered the best makeup technique of 2022, as it promises to leave a radiant finish on your face, without cracks or creases. In addition, it is super simple to apply, since there is nothing new to learn. We explain to you.

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Contouring makeup

Anyone with oily or acne-prone skin will agree that applying too many products makes skin look cakey after a few hours. Even those with normal to dry skin know that if you apply too much product, the effect cakey it will draw the wrong attention.

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But not with this trend, which in addition to leaving a dreamy finish, provides a complete makeup, although with less effort and time, because instead of applying a base layer, followed by concealer, blush, bronzer and highlighter, the only thing that All you have to do is apply all the products you want to use at once and blend them out. It’s that simple!

haley bieber

The idea is that you apply dots of each cream product to your face, exactly where you would normally apply it. Then, sprinkle the face with a little spray fixative, to keep the product moist, and blend with a brush or sponge beauty blender. Another little secret is to use a different brush or tool for each step.

Among the many TikTok clips suggesting and explaining the one-layer makeup technique, there are also professional makeup artists who have tried the trick in their videos, like Chloe Morello, who shared her take on the trend because she was “too tired of the looks.” pasty makeup”:

Chloe explains that the key is to use a spray to prevent the product from drying out and you can apply it as best you can. Additionally, she recommends mixing colors from light to dark, starting with concealer and then blush, bronzer, and contour:

This is technically a single layer of makeup, although I use five different products, the end result is very natural.

Another TikTok user, Kali Ledger, also tried the one-layer makeup trick, but with longer strokes. The result is just as amazing:

Super easy routine, because you only need a good concealer and bronzer to achieve it.

Source: Okchicas

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