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One ton NATO bomb defused in the city of Nice

A one-tonne bomb left over from NATO bombing of the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia in 1999 has been safely moved out of the city of Nis. The bomb was found at a construction site of the Science and Technology Park in Nice during renovation work. The authorities were mobilized and this morning the entire population around the park was evacuated. The bomb was defused by pyrotechnicians and transported by truck out of the city. As announced by the Ministry of the Interior of Serbia, it is a 1,000 kg bomb, with 430 kg of explosive charge. The bomb will be destroyed by an underground artificial explosion, in a controlled area, the announcement states. At the same time, all residents of the area are invited to return to their homes. “This is one of the largest bombs we have defused to date. It is a powerful lethal weapon,” said Luka Caušić, Assistant Secretary of the Interior and Head of the Department of Emergency Management.
Source: News Beast

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