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Only 3 out of 10 educators have black authors on the grid, says survey

Even though 98% of educators think it is important to debate racism, only three out of ten work with black authors in their curriculum, according to research by Associação Nova Escola – a non-profit social impact organization – provided exclusively to the CNN 🇧🇷

The survey heard from 1,854 educators, and half said they had already witnessed situations of racism in the school environment. The average of black and brown professionals who have experienced situations of racism is higher than the national average. Almost 14% of the educators declared to have been victims of discrimination; among blacks and browns, this percentage rises to 23.71%.

Among the interviewees, 47.1% classified themselves as black or brown, and 78.4% are female. The highest percentage of professionals who declared themselves to be black or brown is in the North and Northeast regions – 75.9% and 74.5%, respectively. In the South, only 24.5% declared themselves to be black or brown. In the Southeast, they were 42.1% and in the Midwest, 55.2%.

About 85% of teachers know that there is a law that requires the inclusion of Afro-Brazilian history and culture in the curriculum, but six out of ten teachers do not know or say that there is no investment for the promotion of these disciplines in their schools.

The survey also shows that the concern to work on the theme of Anti-Racist Education exists, according to 67.21% of educators. However, more than 55% could not answer or said they had no references to African or Afro-Brazilian pedagogy in their school practice.

According to the survey, only two out of ten professionals cited references of authors used in the classroom. Among the names appear Machado de Assis, Carolina Maria de Jesus, Conceição Evaristo, Milton Santos and Djamila Ribeiro.

Source: CNN Brasil

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