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‘Only stylish women allowed’: Fury over gym sign

A gym in South Korea has banned bad behavior from “aunties”, reigniting the debate over discrimination against older women in the country. The gym in the city of Incheon near the capital Seoul posted a sign saying “no ajummas” and “only cultured and elegant women allowed”. “ajumma” is a general term for older women, usually those born from the late 30s onwards, but is also a pejorative for behavior considered rude or obnoxious. The gym owner defended his move, claiming his company had been “damaged” because of these women and their unruly behaviour. “Some older customers would spend an hour or two in the changing room to wash their clothes, steal items such as towels, soaps or hair dryers,” he said in a televised interview with South Korea’s Yonhap news agency. “They were sitting in a row, commenting and judging other people’s bodies,” she said, adding that some younger women […]
Source: News Beast

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