OnlyFans model revealed: I have been with 500 people and would like to have sex with another 500 until I turn 30

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One model of OnlyFans and a worker in the sex industry revealed the number of her sexual partners while in a podcast interview she stated that she wants to double him before he reaches 30.

Kazumi Squirts, from Miami, California, said it had already slept with 500 people – and wanted to reach 1,000 in the next six years. A few days ago it had gone viral again with the promise that she will send nude photos of herself to those who get the coronavirus vaccine.

The 24-year-old, who earns millions on the site for creating sexy content OnlyFans, claims that sex is her mission and way of life.

She commented: “Honestly, I lost count after about 98. I used to write them all in a secret list, with codes like stars if they were really good or hearts if I had feelings for them.

“I had a strange mission, to have sex with a man from every country”

The 24-year-old also spoke about her ambitious goals: “I had a strange mission in life: to have sex with a man from every country. “But in the end I had to delete the list because my ex found it and he was furious.”

Kazumi believes she has reached 500 partners at the age of 21 after a series of sex parties and orgies. He even claims that at some point he slept with 50 men in one night, after watching a spicy soybean on the first date.

“I find it empowering to be able to follow my sexual impulses. I want to remove the stigma around the fact that I have a high number of sexual partners. Who really cares? I am safe, I use protection and I get tested regularly. It has to do with fun. “

“I am on the right track for the 1,000 partners”

Kazumi, who is in a polygamous relationship with her boyfriend, wants to double the number of her sexual partners before the age of 30. And she has big plans for how she will celebrate this milestone.

He said: “I am well on my way to achieving this number. I will plan a huge sex party with all my friends and I will hold the grand finale for someone special.

“If it coincides with my 30th birthday, then I want to have video messages from some of the guys playing in the background.

“I do not care if people think that the number of people I have had sex with is very high. It’s not their job and it does not concern them. “

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