OPEC: The payment of allowances December 2021

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According to an announcement by OPEC, on December 31, the following allowances will be paid:

Housing Allowance: 274,924 beneficiaries – 33,223,563 euros

Minimum Guaranteed Income: 243,005 beneficiaries – 53,328,245 euros

Disabilities: 173,859 beneficiaries – 71,143,840 euros

Housing Assistance: 885 beneficiaries – 304,531 euros

Expatriate Allowance: 6,320 beneficiaries – 222,621 euros

Uninsured Hyper. Pension (Law 1296/1982): 18,816 beneficiaries – 6,375,438 euros

Elderly Solidarity Allowance: 16,187 beneficiaries – 4,768,017 euros

Funeral expenses: 110 beneficiaries – 87,497 euros

Birth Allowance: 13,983 beneficiaries – 14,042,000 euros

Child Allowance: 855,085 beneficiaries – 176,061,169 euros

Mountain and Disabled: 1,473 beneficiaries – 726,073 euros

Red loans: 4,490 beneficiaries – 635,972 euros

Protected children of children who die in natural disasters: 6 beneficiaries – 6,000 euros

Bridge Program (first residence subsidy): 73,120 beneficiaries – 12,229,629 euros

Sponsorship Allowance: 385 beneficiaries – 225,847 euros

The total number of beneficiaries amounts to 1,682,153 and the total payments to 373,067,098 euros. The allowances are paid every month during the last working day.

In addition, in addition to the regular payment of allowances, for the month of December OPEC paid, according to its announcement, the extraordinary increases to beneficiaries of the Minimum Guaranteed Income (December 15), the welfare disability benefits, the support for adoption with contractors with children in disability welfare programs, as well as the pension for uninsured elderly and the solidarity allowance for uninsured elderly (31 December)

The total amount of extraordinary payments amounted to 97,134,383 euros for a total of 418,618 beneficiaries.

For more information per allowance visit the OPEC website: www.opeka.gr.

Source: AMPE


Source From: Capital

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