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OpenAI announces GPT-4o, new artificial intelligence model

A OpenAI announced this Monday (13) its latest large artificial language model, which, according to them, will be easier and more intuitive to use. Called GPT-4o , is an update to the company's previous model, the GPT-4, which was launched just over a year ago. The model will be available to non-paying customers, meaning anyone will have access to OpenAI's most advanced technology through the ChatGPT .

GPT-4o will enable interactions using text, voice, and “sight,” meaning it can view screenshots, photos, documents, or graphics uploaded by users and chat about them. OpenAI Chief Technology Officer Mira Murati said ChatGPT will now also have in-memory capabilities, meaning it can learn from previous conversations with users and can do real-time translation.

“This is the first time we're really taking a big step forward when it comes to ease of use,” Murati said during a live demonstration at the company's San Francisco headquarters. “This interaction becomes much more natural and much, much easier.”

The new release comes as OpenAI seeks to stay ahead of growing competition in the AI ​​arms race. Rivals like Google and Meta have been working to build increasingly powerful large language models that can be used to bring AI tools to their various products.

Meanwhile, the latest release of GPT could be a boon for Microsoft, which has invested billions of dollars in OpenAI to incorporate its AI technology into the company's own products.

OpenAI executives demonstrated a spoken conversation with ChatGPT to get real-time instructions for solving a math problem, telling a bedtime story, and getting programming advice. The tool was able to speak in a natural, human-like voice, as well as a robot voice — and even sang part of a response. The chatbot was also able to look at an image of a chart and discuss it.

They also showed the model detecting users' emotions: in one instance, it listened to the executive's breathing and encouraged him to calm down. And he was able to have a conversation in multiple languages, automatically translating and responding.

Murati said OpenAI will launch a ChatGPT desktop application with GPT-4o capabilities, giving users another platform to interact with the company's technology.

Updated technologies and features are scheduled to be released for ChatGPT in the coming months.

Source: CNN Brasil

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