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OpenSea invited users to pay commissions using MATIC

The largest non-fungible token platform in terms of trading volume has added support for the Polygon blockchain for listing and buying NFTs to expand the functionality and convenience of users.

The OpenSea team says that the integration of the Seaport Protocol Polygon is just the first step to reduce the price of gas.

“After several months of observing the impact of Seaport and collecting valuable feedback, we are pleased to present support for Polygon. In the coming months, we will add support for Klaytn and other EVM-compatible networks,” the OpenSea developers promise.

The platform claims that using Seaport allows several new features to run on Polygon, including collection and attribute offerings, as well as payouts to NFT creators. An important feature that will be added through the integration is the ability to use the Polygon MATIC token to list and purchase NFTs on OpenSea.

“Anyone who transacts on Polygon using OpenSea can now pay gas fees for transactions using MATIC,” the platform operator emphasizes.

In June, OpenSea switched to the Seaport Protocol, a new smart contract that the marketplace says will enable users to save money on gas fees on the Ethereum network.

Source: Bits

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