Opera has released a beta version of the crypto browser for Windows, Mac and Android

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Opera has released a public beta version of Crypto Browser with a built-in cryptocurrency wallet, basic support for Web3 and decentralized applications (dApps). The main goal of the developers is to make it easier to understand what Web3 is, which often confuses ordinary users, as well as to make various cryptocurrency and NFT transactions as easy as possible, providing access to them without any extensions.

The key feature of Crypto Browser is the built-in wallet, which immediately supports Ethereum, Bitcoin, Celo and Nervos, as well as major blockchain platforms. Users can buy cryptocurrency for fiat currency, exchange it directly in the wallet, make other transactions, check the balance, and so on. The built-in wallet has a secure clipboard that ensures that other applications cannot access the data.

The other main feature of the browser is support for Web3, also known as blockchain-based decentralized internet. The company says that, in addition to additional security through encryption, users will have access to things like GameFi, where they can earn money by playing all sorts of metaverses. The Crypto Browser also has Crypto Corner, a home page with the latest news about blockchain and cryptocurrencies, video collections, podcasts, airdrops and other events in the world of cryptocurrencies. All of this content is shown when you launch the browser on a Windows or Mac device, and on a smartphone, they can be accessed from the bottom navigation bar.

Opera’s rival Mozilla recently announced that it would accept donations in cryptocurrencies, but has faced public backlash due to the environmental impact of mining. Perhaps anticipating such a reaction, Opera was quick to announce that it is working on implementing a more energy-efficient Etherium Layer 2 standard. In addition, the company offers users a choice of several browser options. Crypto Browser is already available for Android, Windows and Mac, with an iOS version coming soon.

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