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Operation to combat organized crime carries out more than 100 arrest warrants across the country

The Integrated Force to Combat Organized Crime launched, on the morning of this Thursday (16), Operations Peloponnese I and II in the fight against drug trafficking and organized crime throughout Brazil.

According to the Federal Police, 105 preventive arrest warrants and 96 search and seizure warrants were served against people linked to criminal factions operating in several states.

The warrants were served in the cities of Juiz de Fora, Além Paraíba, Volta Grande and Contagem, all in Minas Gerais, and also in the municipalities of Itaperuna, Carmo and Sapucaia, in Rio de Janeiro.

Some arrest warrants were also served in prison units located in Minas Gerais, Rio de Janeiro and Espírito Santo.

According to the PF, there was also the judicial seizure of two properties located in Rio de Janeiro, valued at R$ 1.5 million, and an armored vehicle. The court also ordered the judicial blocking of the amounts of 23 investigated individuals. Among them, there are members of criminal factions operating in the state of Rio de Janeiro.

Among those arrested is a fugitive from the courts of Mato Grosso and Tocantins, as well as regional leaders of criminal factions being investigated with several judicial convictions for committing crimes of drug trafficking and integration into a criminal organization.

One of the targets of the investigation is the leader, in the state of Minas Gerais, of a criminal faction in Rio de Janeiro.

The action was attended by around 450 police officers, members of the Civil, Federal, Military and Penal police.

Source: CNN Brasil

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